About Us

Crown Engineering, PLLC began as the dream of a young boy growing up in Charlotte, NC whose mother told him to always do the very best he could do.  With the official commencement on December 30, 2009, Crown Engineering has focused on fulfilling that dream and doing whatever it takes to do our very best for our clients.  While working with architects on design-bid projects and electrical contractors on design-build projects, we have established ourselves as a company of moral integrity and high quality standards.  We continually seek to provide the best services for our clients, at the most reasonable rates.


With more than thirty-eight years of electrical engineering experience, we believe we have touched on every aspect of work for our discipline.  Beginning with Duke Energy in the early to middle seventies and with Charles T. Main, Inc. (later Parsons), our experience has included nuclear and hydro power generation stations in North and South Carolina, pulp and paper mills in the United States and Africa, aluminum smelter plants in Venezuela, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities throughout the southeastern United States.


In 1986, the engineering focus changed to commercial, institutional, and retail while working for three local engineering companies.  Projects included correctional facilities, municipal buildings and facilities, restaurants, office buildings, medical offices, churches, schools, warehouse storage facilities, and wholesale distribution centers.


As Crown Engineering, PLLC, we can provide "stand alone" electrical engineering services, or we can partner with a mechanical and plumbing engineering company to serve your full service engineering needs as a "one stop shop."


We are here to serve you.




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